The Book Shop: Extended Collection, by University Book Store

Get all the books you want and support a local, independent bookstore at the same time! University Book Store is pleased to introduce our new website exclusively for avid readers and book lovers like you: the Extended Collection at thebookshop.ubookstore.com.

Presented in partnership with the American Booksellers Association, thebookshop.ubookstore.com provides a wide range of books from University Book Store, even when we don’t currently have them in stock! These titles will then be drop-shipped directly to you from our distributor so you can get the books you want even faster while supporting a local, independent bookstore!

So what’s the difference between ubookstore.com and The Book Shop: Extended Collection?

When you shop at ubookstore.com, you can browse book titles that University Book Store has in its brick and mortar locations in quantities large enough to supply our online shop. You can also be able to shop special, signed editions from author events and (pre-)order books that double as your ticket to our digital events.

At thebookshop.ubookstore.com, you’ll enjoy an improved search function and greater books selection to find the exact title you’re looking for, or browse to your heart’s desire. You’ll also be able to pre-order upcoming titles from the authors you love with ease.

Because these are two separate websites, you will only be able to purchase books through thebookshop.ubookstore.com. You can still purchase all of our other products online—such as Husky gear, homewares, and art supplies, at ubookstore.com. You will see BookSense on your bank statements when you make a purchase from thebookshop.ubookstore.com.

Can I use my Pack Rewards discount at thebookshop.ubookstore.com?

As of this moment, unfortunately no, but we’re working on it! If you are a Pack Rewards member and want to use your discount on books that you don’t see on ubookstore.com, you can always call our booksellers during business hours and we can special order the title for you and have it drop-shipped to you—essentially, the same service we provide at thebookshop.ubookstore.com, but we get the added bonus of hearing your lovely voice.

For this same reason, other promotions such as Readers Club cards, Book of the Month, or any sales, only apply to purchases made through ubookstore.com and not at thebookshop.ubookstore.com.